What media type is suitable for you??


Media type is not limited to words, smart marketers also make use of non-text content-photos, graphs, charts, audio feeds, video clips, and cartoon to communicate with prospects. Then which form is the best? We all need to think about the question.

Text gives us earnest and serious feeling. This, personally speaking, may be the reason why there are mainly words on newspaper. More interesting, text offers a larger room for imagination and often brings surprises. I still can remember, after watching the movie, The Kite Runner, I read the novel.the-kite-runner-01

I just loved the story so much. Then magic happened. Scenes that were not showed in the movie kept flashing in my mind while I was reading the words. I felt the story was much more attractive and beautiful than before. This is the magic of words; when we read them, we will have imagination and make association unconsciously. So I would like to say although dull, the content behind words is rich.

Photos are more about leaving first impression. Although they express content briefly but create image clearly. Photos with good design give us great visual impact and attract our attention quickly.

Graphs and charts are very helpful to show and analyze data and statistics.

Audio feeds are very suitable for people’s today’s lifestyle. We nowadays do not have a long period of time to read newspaper or watch a long video clip. However, it is absolutely possible for us to listen to radio when we are brushing our teeth, wearing makeups, driving cars or even cooking.

Videos express information in both visual and audio aspects at the same time. So they are very interacting. And I would say we are at the time for video. Specifically, video is the key for newspaper and magazine to keep their readers as well as change into digital media. Furthermore, videos are replacing pictures in social networking. In China, there are lots of user-friendly apps and software flooding into the market like Meipai (an app with video filters that allow users to share their video on popular social networks in China.), Weishi (an app that allow users to share long videos on popular social networks in China) and Xiaokaxiu ( an mouth-show app with the function of beautification). Whereas, there are also drawbacks. Videos make people lazy, and the room for imagination is limited.

Cartoon is a special type of video. As for cartoon, designers have more room for creation with the help of technology.

There are advantages and disadvantages for all the forms to express content. Before considering prospects’ preference and their accustomed learning method, the type of content and the media platform, it is impossible to choose the best one for our content.


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