What can we learn from Kiip??


According to Nielsen’s recent research, smartphone penetration in the US hits 80%. Especially for Millennial, they, on average, spend 2 hours daily on their smartphone surfing the Internet or using applications.(data source)

In other words, mobile has become more and more popular causing lots of companies and marketers choose mobile as a platform to do promotion.


However, they, according to personal experience, do not do a good job. I usually see pop-ups when I load in the application or while in the middle of using it and I need to wait for several seconds to skip or close them, which annoys me, especially when I play games. There are also banners on the top or bottom of the page, floating advertisements and so on. All these forms are not so effective or interactive.

Kiip, a mobile advertising company which helps brands connect with consumers through a rewards platform that targets “achievement moments” in mobile apps, seems to solve the problem. They reward consumers with free samples, special offers or virtual items while they are doing something they love. For example, Kiip and Taco Bell, the nation’s leading Mexican-inspired quick service restaurant, have recently partnered on a mobile loyalty program, Explore. Taco Bell app users connect their social networks on Explore, post their daily life (no necessity to be related to Taco Bell), they get rewards which is real-life prizes that range from free tacos to a trip to Taco Bell’s test kitchen to a $100 gift card. (more details)

Kiip rewards users for their time, energy spent on the application and gives them a sense of achievement. The innovative approach develops a really good relationship between companies and consumers. Thus it gets a win-win result. Marketing is not just about one-way broadcasting advertising any more.


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