How do companies increase sales utilizing SoLoMo?


According to Nielsen’s recent research, “smartphone penetration in the US hits 80%. Especially for Millennial, they, on average, spend 2 hours daily on their smartphone surfing the Internet or using applications.(Data source)


Just think about your daily route. You wake up grabbing your smartphone to check emails, brush your teeth listening to a podcast or CNN. On the way to work or class, you pre-order a cup of coffee on Starbucks app. At noon, you Yelp what to eat nearby. On the way home after work, you purchase something at Amazon. Before go sleeping, you log into various social media sharing your today’s experience or reading other’s. In a word, we just can’t live without smartphones now!

Due to the growing popularity of smartphones, SoLoMo, which is shorter for social-local-mobile and combines social connectivity, mobile convenience and GPS technology together, has attracted great interest of  businesses.

Then how do companies utilize SoLoMo to increase both offline and online sales?

Encourage in-store engagement on social media

For example, businesses can offer discounts to shop either online of offline for customers who snap  pictures in their stores and post them on. It is not costly, but really effective. Because companies can not only encourage more purchases,but also improve their brand awareness and reputation.

Encourage pick-up in nearby stores 

For companies who have lots of destinations, they can encourage consumers to pick up products they purchase online at nearby stores by offering a discount for next purchase and excellent human service in store. In this way, the companies can reduce their shopping fee as well as push sales. Moreover it is a perfect opportunity for the companies to develop relationship with customers. In terms of customers, they have an extra choice which bring them convenience.






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